Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FWD: The Most Unique Buildings in the World

By Russell Baker

Glancing back at some of my previous blog entries, I've noticed that several of them are a bit wordy with few images. This time, I thought I'd share several pictures of some of the most unique architectural accomplishments in the world. Inspirations like these are part of the reason I chose to become an architect many years ago. The following pictures were extracted from an email recently forwarded to me. The origination and authors/owners of these images are unknown to myself as they weren't included in the email text, but I would like to clarify that they are in no way to be credited to myself, aside from editing in the titles of each for ease of viewing. Of the locations and sites in these images, I have only personally visited #'s 9, 13, 15, and 28, and it would be awesome to someday have seen them all. This is why I love this field of work. Enjoy the eye-candy!

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