Friday, April 22, 2011

Fit Chair

By Jessica Grafton

The Kimball Fit chair would probably be best described simply as fun. It reminds me of a baby bouncer for adults. The chair is made of a FlexZone mesh on a simple lightweight metal frame which gives just a bit when sat in, creating the bouncer effect.

When I think of what kind of spaces it would be best used in, campus living comes to mind; dormitories, reading lounges, gaming and tech hubs. The chair could also be great for a think tank type of atmosphere in an office. It’s something much less formal and could bring a great creative vibe to any space. These chairs also nest together, making them easy to clear away for open floor space.

All in all, it’s something different than your everyday office chair. Standing alone it appears to be more of a form than a functional piece, almost sculptural, but in use, it becomes very playful and takes on a distinct role.

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