Wednesday, November 12, 2014

13TH ASA Architectural Exhibition

By Chhanya Nidal

Expression through fourth dimension

Every year, the third year students of Architecture in Pulchowk Engineering Campus, Kathmandu Nepal, organize architectural exhibition through ASA (Association of Student of Architecture). And every time the exhibition is very unique, attractive and fascinating to all the visitors. The exhibition has its own theme and the whole scenario is designed accordingly.

The exhibition not only gives an insight to the technologies of past and promotes the facts of present but also provides futuristic fantasies to any design. Besides, it also provides a good platform for students, architects and everybody related with this profession to understand the field of architecture better.
When we were in third year, we organized three days long 13th ASA exhibition on 1-3 Oct, 2010. Prior to the exhibition titled “Expression through the fourth dimension”, the entry to the exhibition block was made through quite a surprising maze, a little deserted walk on unmanaged bushes and then through a cave, showcasing the evolution of architecture through cave.
Then toward Stonehenge followed by stepped pyramid and then approach to summer pavilion with display of paintings from Art Competition. The approach to the exhibition wing from the back entry showcasing well-crafted models exemplifying different architectures of the world.

The Egyptian pyramid, Greek Acropolis, the Roman Colosseum, the Mayan architecture, Angkor Vat of Hindu Architecture, Sachi Stupa of Buddhist architecture, Taj Mahal of Muslim architecture, Salisbury Cathedral of Christian, encrusted the journey of architecture. The time line was presented by displaying models of pre historic and modern architectural works together with providing information on art movements of different periods.

Nepali architecture from inside and outside of Kathmandu valley, energy efficient buildings and design of famous architects were also showcased. The exhibition also included research papers, projects, thesis, conservation studio, photographs, design and artwork. Experience, working for Exhibition is quite different from working at studios. It is the time when we get to work with all the juniors and seniors from all the years from the school. And at last, yes, all the hard time working till late nights and preparing for exhibition worked so far, when you see lots and lots of visitors enjoying and experiencing the architecture. The three day long exhibition for us was an opportunity to show the innovative works and a way to make others feel ARCHITECTURE without being in there.

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