Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Short History of My Passion for Architecture [Part 1]

By Nicholas Ouellette

Once upon a time, in a land far, far way there lived a man by the name of Nicholas Ouellette. He was an average high school kid, at this time of his life and had no idea what was in store for him after he walked across that stage and was handed a small piece of paper stating the next chapter of his life was about to begin. Well, actually he kind of had an idea of what was in store for him, he would continue to work for the take and bake pizza company of which he acquired a job one year back and in the fall he would continue his journey and move to a small town in southern Illinois to begin his college career. Hold on though, let’s take a step back and understand how he got to this point and why he chose that small school in southern Illinois to further pursue his newly found passion for architecture. Oh, and can we please loose the third person point of view? It’s driving me crazy.
As most children now a day, Lego’s were always a major role in this man young life. He would always be playing with them, letting his imagination run free and constructing buildings, cars, spaceships, anything his young mind could come up with. Although, at this point in his life he had no idea how much of an impact [and still do] they would have on his choices for a career later in life. Alright, hold on I need to stop you for a minute. I told you to stop with the third person already! Oh, did I not do that? I could have sworn that I was getting away from it. NO, YOU HAVEN’T! Are you sure? YES YOU SMALL MINDED PERSON, READ THE LAST FOUR SENTENCES! Alright well there’s no need to get angry and name call, hold on. [Scanning the last few sentences of the paragraph] Oh, would you look at that, I see what you mean, my apologies sir, I’ll be sure to stop that at once. It’s alright, I’m sorry I got a little angry, please carry on with the story.

Right, so back to the Lego’s. Even today he still owns all of the Lego’s that he has had from his childhood and continues to get more every year. While he might not be spending hours upon hours building and setting up stories that play out in his mind, he still keeps a few select sets close to him and continues to get more from time to time such as on the holidays. Lego’s were just the first step [and a very early one at that] to how he got to where he is today and what made him so involved and passionate about architecture. Do you hear a word that I am saying to you?! What did I do this time?  YOU DIDN’T EVEN LISTEN TO WHAT I SAID LAST TIME, YOU’RE BACK IN THIRD PERSON AGAIN! Am I really? I didn’t even notice it. I can’t handle this anymore, I’m taking a break until you get your head together and stop telling me to type this ridiculous blog entry all in third person that no one is going to want to read. Well, that’s not very nice. I guess we can take a five minute break. Thank you.

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