Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Video Animation - Part 2

By Ethan Brammeier

Two weeks ago I shared a video animation (Part 1) going through the site chosen for our studio project.  In this first video only a few roads were shown with the surrounding site.  Last week our group presented another video animation of our site.  This animation (Part 2) shows all of our buildings on the site along with pathways and trees.  There are still a few areas of our site that need to be further designed before final presentation.  This would include more landscaping, extra pathways, and a developed walkway through the middle of our site.   

            For our final presentation this animation will not only include an animation of our master plan, but our individually designed buildings as well.  Each group member designed either a hotel or set of apartments.  Our master plan consists of two different apartment designs and two different hotel designs.  The two apartment designs are split on both sides of the site as you can see below, while the two hotel designs are in the same location.  Since the hotels are in the same area there will be two animations made to show how the two function differently with the rest of the site. 

Most people think this program, Lumion, is just a program to make pretty pictures and videos, but I want to share an available option that helps in the design of our site.  Once our buildings were placed on the site, we were able to do a time-lapse sun study.  With this option we are able to determine exactly where the sun will hit certain areas of our site.  We are able then to change the size and location of buildings to gain or block the direct sunlight.  Once our building locations were set we could then look at the sun study again to determine where we want trees and gathering spaces.  For this sun study I chose to do a 24-hour time-lapse during the Summer Solstice, but the program allows the option to do any time of the year and any time of the day. 
            For the final animation I plan to add music so the videos are more exciting to watch unlike the ones I shared in this blog.  I know sound/music can highly influence how a video animation is portrayed to the viewers, so song choice will also be thought about carefully.  As far as the videos I shared in this blog, feel free to play your own music while the video plays (I would choose your favorite song because then you may like the video more).

Video Animations:  Part 1,  Part 2,  Sun Study
(Choose 1080p HD or 720p HD in the settings and let it buffer for best quality)

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