Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Crunch Time

By Nicholas Bosman

Well, it is that time of the semester. It is time to get things moving for the final presentation. Finish up floor plans, get the site plan ready, and get the building ready for some renderings. We cannot forget about the model either. That is a big part of it. I feel pretty good at this point in studio. I am confident about my progress. I am thinking that I will do renderings from Revit this semester. Sometimes, on projects that are big like this hotel, I would do the renderings by hand. My first attempt at doing this is second semester junior year. Two weeks before the final project was due, my flash drive snapped. So I did all of the drawings by hand since I did not have a backup file. Since then, I realized that I have an option to do it by hand.
            Anyway, back to this project. My hotel for Barra Da Tijuca, Brazil is 13 stories above ground and two stories below ground. Fifteen levels in all. I have decided that it will have a fa├žade that includes stucco, concrete cladding, and granite. The granite is a native material from that area.
            From the past reviews, I have not gotten any suggestions about how to improve my building or the site plan of my area. I only got suggestions about how to convey the message I am trying to get across better. So I am making my own tweaks and changes as I see fit. Once I found out how to do the structure of the buildings, everything else followed and it really started to develop. My master planning group for our entire master plan in which my building is set in will meet to finalize the plan and start producing final presentation drawings for it to explain our idea.
            What I plan on doing to finish this project is, most importantly, get my floor plan finalized. After that comes things outside of the floor plan such as sidewalks, roads, etc. One thing I have to figure out is the parking. I have two floors for parking but I do not think that it will be enough for all of the rooms plus the workers. The only thing after that is figuring out how the service vehicles will get in for deliveries. I would like to try to hide that as much as I can but I am not sure as of now how I will do it.

            Well, that is all I have for now. I have to get going on the site plan. Have a good day.

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