Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A new definition to space

By:Jeremy Clow

The numerous case studies and loads of research done by myself and fellow classmates have proven useful over the first half of the semester. The concept for my hotel and its massing has shifted, pulled, and pushed in all ways possible. Altering the site location based on context as well as the new development pieces. The original massing a block, tall, dreary, with a touch of post war depression proved worthy of spacial diagrams and site studies. Given the sun path and potential gain at the new development site as well as other key factors and their locations a variety of changes had to be made. Rotating the building just shy of ninety degrees allowing for intense solar gain on the mezzanine where the pool will be located still allowed for the building to create shaded and more intimate areas. Low lying lands in the area proved problematic for storm water with the new vast amounts of infrastructure. An implementation of a pond at the low lying land to the south east provided a space for this new influx of water to be controlled. The feature will also be an appealing addition to the natural beauty surrounding as well as a buffer to the magnificent residence located just a few hundred yards from the new development. This pond, marketed as a lake for an increase in curb appeal, makes for a great addition and attraction adjacent to the hotel. With the hotel located to the north and its solar gaining fa├žade overlooking the lake the attractiveness of the waterfront and the warmth of the climate become united. This magnificent view is desired from being within or around the hotel infrastructure rather than the approach. The factors increase the curiosity and luxury for those consumers who desire to use this facility for their accommodations. As for the approach a unique tunnel system located to the west brings the road underground at a nearby apartment complex. This tunnel has apertures that provide subtle views along the drive from either direction. An underground garage is level with this tunnel and provides all access for parking as well as service trucks out of plain site. The metro railway addition is perpendicular to the east with the station just north of the hotel site. A protected walkway provides safe and secure horizontal circulation between the hotel, train station, retail, and offices. Elegant facades and points of the hotel can be views from pockets and perforations around the site. These particular views attract attention and draw in spectators to the area not only for the hotel but for surrounding attractions as well. The use of the space within, optimizing square footage while holding on to the five start quality a resort must provide. Three major points of vertical circulation in strategic locations providing optimal access for anyone partaking in events, accommodations, or other facilities within. Two outer elevator banks, the east and west wings, accessed by key card only are dedicated to users of the hotel facility. One center elevator bank provides access to all patrons in the establishment; floors with hotel rooms only require access via key card for secure purposes similar to the outer elevator banks. For safety egress stairs are in five major locations, three in congruence with the elevator banks and two others located to eliminate dead in corridors at the “wings”. The corridors of the hotel are double loaded, optimizing the billable square footage. The majority of the upper five floors accommodate hotel rooms along with a community balcony, restaurant, and mezzanine. Four floors above the mezzanine and one at the same level, all with the same footprint of hotel rooms, however the inner courtyard created by the upper mezzanine uses the “interior” space on the first level for additional facility use. The depth of the pool as well as mechanical systems, additional depth for large planters, multiple levels upon the mezzanine utilize this floor to floor space with a total of five different levels breaking apart the space and creating more intimate interactions as well as public ones within. 

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