Monday, November 2, 2015

The Cantilever Design

By: Cole Hartke
When going through life there are ups and downs, and most of a person’s life is calm and peaceful. Life is not always this way and if it were there would be no excitement, and as human beings we live for the excitement and need it in some ways to get us through our lives enjoying it.
            Danger gives a person a sense of excitement and for some it is a hobby that they do every day. Danger can be found in some unusual places, for buildings one example is a building that is cantilevered. A structure that is cantilevered over a vast drop can give the occupant the feel of uncertainty and skepticism to their safety.
            The design of a building could be based upon what a cantilevering building has to offer. The first obvious instances to notice is the use of the land or rather the non-necessity of it due to the cantilever. Since the land below is unused there are more opportunities for design.
            The area below a cantilever has unlimited options for land use, and to experience the gravity of a cantilever the best place to be is below. With the space below not being used it makes for a great opportunity for a person to take in the sense of the building by being right below it bringing a new perspective to the structure.
            The structure brings an interesting look to the exterior not only as an aesthetics look but a structural look. Steel is a big driving factor to a cantilever, steel has many attributes that assist the drastic span of a building to push it to the limits. When looking to either the inside or walking around a cantilever the structure is apparent and in almost all cases it benefits the aesthetics of the exterior or interior of a building.
            The sense of danger follows all of the cantilevering designs, it pushes the limits between space and gravity with the defying structural systems. A building can be very interesting with a dangerous feel to the entire grounds. From the moment an individual steps into it till the time they leave, danger will be present. Not only would the building itself be offering this feel but the space around it as well.

            The sight of a structure of this nature gets a person thinking how this is possible. Man can create some amazing things, and with the use of technology and creativite minds, limits are pushed to the max. This building design carries emotion, ingenuity, and technology as it stretches out over the land.

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