Monday, November 16, 2015


By:Casey Bucher

We came in like a shrecking ball…and lost.  A few weeks ago, the architecture graduate students decided it would be a great idea to create an intramural flag football team, and thus, ShreckingBall was created.  After several gruesome practices, we were starting to look like a potential Super Bowl winning team.  We even used our design skills to create some great looking uniforms to match our great team name.  The time had finally come for our first real game.  Having no idea what all the official flag football rules were, and also first game jitters, the game started off pretty rough.  It seemed like every play had some type of penalty against us.  However, we came out with a strong second half and ended up winning the game 38-0.  Our second game did not fare so well.  Dealing with Mother Nature’s rain/mist mix, it was a sloppy mess. We clearly are not suited for football if we cannot play in perfect weather.  It was a struggle, but somehow we managed to keep the score at 6-6.  None of us wanted to finish in a tie but the referees weren’t in the mood for overtime.  And speaking of referees, in our third game, we spent more time arguing with them and wasting time on penalties than we spent actually playing football. I can’t even remember what the final score ended up being but I know we lost miserably.  The refs were definitely not for team ShreckingBall. It was miserable.  After three games, it was playoff time. Crazy, I know… Playoffs ended similarly to week three, with a miserable loss.  There were much less penalties, so we couldn’t blame the referees this time haha. I ended the game with a bum shoulder and a few bruises but it was worth it.  The few games that we had were always a blast.  Though we thought we would be a pretty decent team at the start, we slowly realized week by week that we should probably stick to architecture and give up our professional football dreams.  

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