Thursday, November 19, 2015

Post discussion design

By: Jeremy Clow

Now over eleven weeks into the semester the design phase has progressed and the feedback becomes an important part of moving forward. Specific elements not foreseen by the designer but prevalent to the exhibitor can be vital for a fluid design. The hotel design is set back into the hill side with two levels of parking below grade attached to a tunnel that passes behind the hotel; this provides protected access to the hotel and facilities from underground eliminating the eye sore of increased traffic above grade. The back side of the lobby stands three stories tall overlooking the waterfront. The lobby level one is at the level of the waterfront’s boardwalk, at the front of the lobby shops, information, and a bar can be found. Level one provides direct access underground too the train station and additional hotel, this path is also lined with shops. The passageway is above the vehicular traffic in the tunnel and below the above ground traffic. Level two is attached to the porte-co-chere where the valet and drop offs are located for the taxis, busses, and all other vehicular traffic. The level three overlooks the lobby with balconies and windows from the conference center and casino. Above these levels dedicated to all patrons of the establishment is the base of the hotel rooms. The lobby in the main level provides key card access to elevator banks that protect the hotels rooms from persons who are not staying within the establishment. One major central elevator bank can be used by all visitors for all levels including public spaces ie: restaurants, bars, etc. Hotel levels three, four, and five are accessed only by those staying on the floors and are higher security. All patrons have access to the rooftop 360 bar as well as the hotel levels one and two due to their access to the pool mezzanine, bar, and restaurant. Two additional elevator banks on each side of the complex allow hotel visitors direct access to the lobby, casino, and additional hotel levels. The hotel containing a casino provides a number of rooms dedicated for casino participant and/or discounted rates for other visitors. These rooms are less desirable due to their location, view, or high amount of foot traffic passing by. Luxury rooms located on the corners, upper levels, or with personal balconies provide an experience worthy of a higher rate. All rooms meet five star requirements; the hotel design also has facilities to provide a vast amount of twenty-four hour services. These services include a fitness center, room service, laundry, dry-cleaning, and a spa. The amenities must be provided to keep a five star ranking but what is more important is the service, quality, and establishment that bring the consumer in. The casino and conference center will provide multiple opportunities to draw the customers in but also the views created, the curiosity of this grand establishment constructed on a manmade waterfront with a dedicated area for forestation developing over the years. The amount of vehicular traffic on the site is limited and optimal forms of public transportation are provided. The short distances from structure to structure as well as protected pathways increase the opportunity for pedestrian traffic. All items in place provide a large open space to the north and west from the hotel making it stand out with minimal pieces blocking the view. This provides curiosity from the ground level, enticing the viewer to experience the establishment. The open areas also provide extended views from the hotel. To the south and east there aren’t any structures blocking the view, providing and endless picturesque view of nature.  The other facilities on the site are minimal in height; almost all of them are shorter than the first level of hotel rooms. With exception of the adjacent hotel connected to the train station. The additional hotel though not in the program provides additional rooms necessary for the likelihood of large conferences at this remote location.

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