Monday, March 28, 2016

Bamboo School in Philippines and the Green School

By: Patrick Szczecina
            When looking at an indigenous population, their need for using renewable resource is very clear. I looked at two areas that seemed to use a technique of bamboo construction in the Philippines and Indonesia. In history both areas needed to use resources in the immediate area to survive the heat, cold, rain, wind and earthquakes. The resource that is used is mud brick from surrounding creeks, straw from dead plants / bark and bamboo. These materials combine are able to create a versatile and flexible structure that can withstand the environment.
            Bamboo school in Philippines is the first of its kind that utilizes brick along with bamboo to create a sheltered space. In the past the people living in the areas had to construct with bamboo and straw in order to create shelter, and that is what the school represents. Recently the use of bamboo appears in construction, however with areas that have the renewable resource have been using it for a long time. In times the structures created from bamboo acted compact in order limit the amount of damage strong winds can do. With resources dwindling the need for renewable resources is vital, therefore a look into the past with bamboo construction is apparent.
            The Green School in Indonesia is another example of Straw and Bamboo. However these structures are more open framed and large. The reason behind this is the fact that it’s a school and not a housing area. The spaces are large, with bamboo acting as columns and trusses, while having straw to tie the pieces together and for roof top covering.



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