Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Semester

By: Andy Cunningham

And the semester keeps on rolling... I bet everyone’s busy getting all their stuff together for midterms, as spring break is just around the corner. I know I’m busy, I almost forgot to get this post in on time.
This thesis project is still going decently, starting to get into finer parts of the design, which is always the fun part. I will say that I wish I made some bigger decisions earlier on, as we have another presentation a few weeks after break, and I want to a good ways done with this project, not having to make major decisions afterward. Keeping focus is important during a project like this, so you don’t fall behind. During under grad I had professors who would want to have a pin up every week, or every two weeks to make sure that you are staying on track, but in this studio our major presentations are 6 weeks apart and while were supposed to talk to our chairs every week, sometimes with schedules that doesn’t always happen, and you can go a long time without getting some input on what you are doing.
Keeping focus on studio is important, but keeping up with your other classes can be even more important as you need those to graduate as well. I know this semester I’ve gotten lucky in my global traditions class with a presentation getting pushed back a few weeks so I had a chance to tweak it a little and make it better. I would extremely suggest getting a planner, because of the amount of times I’ve forgotten to do something until the last minute is not good.

One of the bigger problems in planning this project, has been how can I incorporate something on my site to the new atrium being built onto the United Center, but also the new Malcom X college building across the street. The plan is to give the students of Malcom X a place to go that’s outside of the school to eat, and hangout, but also give those going to the UC, whether a sporting event or a concert, or whatever they are going for, a better experience as well as trying to get people to arrive earlier or stay later bringing in more money into the area. I’ve started working on this plan, let’s hope it turns out well

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