Friday, March 25, 2016

Thesis Programming

By: Patrick Szczecina

            The topic chosen for this week is to build off the thesis abstract that was written before, in this case I will be writing the programming that I came up with. The thesis that I have chosen is that of transformative architecture, which utilizes building movement (walls, rooms) to create new spaces. As I further propel my thesis project, the need for a strong program is apparent. The main focus of the programing is two areas, the apartments and the park. Since my site is located in Seattle, WA, with the useable area being 1.8 million square feet, the need to develop a well thought out program with a need to address the surrounding areas.
            The first aspect is the park program, which I want it to bring in the surrounding neighborhoods, since there isn’t many parks around. When looking at the parks around they aren’t kid friendly nor are they to much of a park such as Millennium Park or Central Park, instead they are filled with trees or open fields. The program that I came up with is as follows: Information center, pavilion, outdoor classrooms (with cover) (4), outdoor exercise areas (2), playgrounds (2), restrooms (2), trails (1-2 miles) and parking for non-residents. This will fill 850,000sqft of the available land. The park will not feature any fields as the park would be located on a pier next to water. The park is to act as a green area for people to come and enjoy, attempting to create a high populated node outside of the downtown area.
            The second portion of the programing is that of the apartments which have to parts to them, the residences and retail. The retail portion would be located along the first floor or entry of the building where individuals can go. With the park being on the site the idea of both interacting with each other is vital. The retail portion will consist of restaurants (6), clothing (8), café (2), rental (kayak/boat/bike) (2), which will take an estimated 145,000 sqft. The non-resident parking goes with retail as well, as individuals will have to walk a fifth of a mile. The resident portion will consist of 3 different type of units: studio (520sqft), 1 bedroom (890sqft) (Capability to turn into a two bedroom) and a 2 Bedroom (1190sqft) (Capability to turn into a three bedroom), along with parking for residents only (350,000sqft). All of these units have the following assets: kitchen, dining/ living (1 – 2 bedroom have separated areas), restrooms, storage, laundry, bedroom (studio doesn’t have a bedroom), and open space to manipulate and area. The residence will take an estimated 100,000 sqft, which the three different units have a 40 units a piece.

            In the end an estimate 1,345,000 sqft of land will be used, while 1,449,600 sqft will be used for all built portions. The input of a park which will bring people in to be outdoors along with retail will bring people to this pier. It will become an area where the surrounding areas can thrive by having so many people visit. The residents and surrounding neighborhoods will have immediate amenities, that aren’t there at the moment. Residents will be able to travel within a short time to downtown area. 

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