Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to take a problem as an opportunity – “KOHSAR HOUSE”

By: Faezeh Ensafi
The project came to Alireza Taghaboni’s studio after a year of being on hold due to the client’s dissatisfaction.
The skeleton and barrier walls of the structure were thoroughly constructed. There was a central, octagonal void surrounded by columns, which was exactly what had made the client unhappy due to its shape and size, this void could not exhibit the wide, bright interior he desired.
The architects realized the only way to revive the project was to take this problem as an opportunity rather than an obstacle to progress. Accordingly, expanding the central void and discarding the southern part of the balcony provided a wider view of the landscape. Next, they enhanced the structure and attached the south cantilever to the existing balcony. Doing this, and removing the lateral slabs and gazebo roof structure, transformed the overall volume to a cubic form.
Next, the southern-facing façade wall stretched in an elastic manner towards the interior void, where it covered the columns and made a smooth connection between in and out. This allowed the southern wall to perform a fundamental role as a flexible element that not only responded to structural necessities, but also attempted to engage with the aesthetics, functionality, and spatial organization of the both interior and exterior.

In the end, the façade’s surface would satisfy the requirements of the plan and insert a sense of dynamism and fluidity throughout the house. This organizational strategy would propose a body in which a strong vacuum action applied to the façade could convey the light, air flow, and vistas inwards to demonstrate the innovative qualities of this highly distinctive work.

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