Friday, March 20, 2015

Architecture around us

By Chase Masters

In this blog 13 I wanted to talk about a trip to Chicago I took and the experience I got from this.  For Spring Break I took a trip to Chicago, IL to take some picture of the site I chose for my Thesis project.  I have been in Chicago many of times before, however this time was the first time I went to take pictures of my site.  I was doing this to further understand the relationship between the buildings and the surroundings to the site and as well as get a sense of the human scale.  I took many of pictures of the buildings around the area, the river, the bridges, and the site that I have been working on.
I continued through the city with my dad who pointed out some buildings and talked about its history and the architecture.  As he pointed out details of the architecture and we took pictures I saw a side of the city that normally I would walk right by on my way to my destination.  This gave me a deeper appreciation of these buildings and other buildings that I would normally walk by.  I used to always look up at buildings and have a quick glance at them while I try to continue to reach my destination, but taking the time to stop and take pictures brought out a new level of appreciation of the building’s details.

From this I learned a better understanding of how people interact with the architecture that surrounds them.  That it’s difficult to understand the intricate details when you spend a small amount of time near that building, but experiencing it every day brings out more understand to those who live around the building.  It’s nice to see a building stand out from the surroundings, but also have the building that stood out to also give more and new experiences each visit by.
If you enjoy seeing different buildings and like to see other peoples perspectives you can check out to see how some architects see buildings also.

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