Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thesis Update #3

By Nicholas S. Ouellette

Hello once again to nice, short update on the progress of my thesis project! Since the first presentation that I wrote about two weeks ago, I have been very busy working to move forward to progress with the project. The main topic of this update will be model making, floor plans, and master planning ideas.
Model making is one of my favorite aspects of architecture work and I have made a couple since the start of my thesis to gain a better understanding of the site and the components that will be placed on the site. For the first presentation I created a small scale model of the site as well as the entirety of the district that is adjacent to the site and how it will influence my design both in terms of scale and layout. You can see in the image below the city scape of buildings along with a multitude of strings that represent different things including the site outline, green streets, and public transit lines. This model helped demonstrate the scale of the buildings in the immediate area and how the complex I design should be similar in scale and height. You can see the smaller buildings that are laid out on the site in one of the first master planning schemes I have been working with. On the model as well are two models of certain components of the building. The white box is a basic massing of the studio apartment that I made because I was worried about the space in the unit and if it would be enough or not. The last model in the image is a basic wooden structure of the modular unit for my apartment units to be constructed out of. I created this to start to visualize the structure of the unit and how they would interact with one another. There are currently two other modular structures I am building however they are not completed at this time.

The next major thing I have been working through are the floor plans for my apartment units in the complex. The image below shows the many different iterations of them and how I have been working through designing them to work efficiently in the space provided. The floor plans at this time are not concrete and may be manipulated in the future to allow for more space if necessary. At this time they are used as a base so that I can start making masses of the building as a whole and how each unit is laid out in conjunction with another and so on. The smaller buildings located on the site were derived from looking at these floor plans and combining them to be similar in size to the other buildings in the area. The one bedroom works well for the most part, however the studio space may need to be adjusted to allow for more space because at this time it seems a little tight on space.

The last thing I have been working with and have just started getting into more detail with is the overall plan for the site itself. This includes the complexes, parking, green space, and pedestrian walk. Currently at this time I have three of four different designs to how all these spaces could be laid out and how they interact with one another. The biggest challenge as of right now is parking. I can’t decide what to do with it or how much I should allow on the site or if it should be just eliminated completely. I have a few reasons to completely eliminate it and it is being looked into further detail as of this time. You can see in the image below the four different schemes that I have been working with and how they all differentiate from one another. They all include some sort of manipulation of the pier to allow for access to the buildings to be hidden from the pedestrian walk and green space. I have also been playing with how the buildings are laid out in relation to one another. The first and third arrangement focus on the views out into the bay and the mountains where the second and fourth do not have that luxury because of the adjacent buildings that the views would block it.
SO that is just a brief update on the progress of my thesis. There is a lot more work to be done and after I meet with my thesis chair today I should have a lot more input and a better stance on where to go next. Hopefully you will stick around in two weeks and I will have another update on the progress I have made since then and can show you all more images of what I have been working on! Have a great next two weeks!

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