Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Skate Break: Update

By Ryan Northcutt

At this point in the semester we all have been working on our design, some farther than others for different reasons, and much of us are stressing as spring break approaches and we don’t feel much further than the first review. After first reviews, I have personally gotten future into understanding the concepts I presented. As for seeing what this building is going to look like, I am struggling to understand, but that is not to say tomorrow I will get things started. There are many rules to design and the main one is just to work, and keep working no matter how much creative block hits you. Speaking of creative block… It is not fun. Personally I get frustrated when I have creative block. But I do have a way of getting past it, typically I like to skateboard or parkour. Doing either of these activities allows me to get creative in another way. Many times I just enjoy myself allowing myself to relax. But to get back to things…

In order to understand my project, it is important to know that it is for artist and about community. With artist starving in their own community is an important scene to be a part of. There are many community oriented organizations that help artist make it in the world. This helps artist, but what about the architectural solution? How do elements of architecture fuel the mind and create a stronger community? There are many concepts about space from different cultures that will help bring in community to this project. But most important it’s an idea that is scene in the office place. The water cooler has been known of the gathering place for many people. Many other places like the garage and kitchen are places where people gather. These places though were never designed to be places of conversation and human interaction. This brings up an interesting notion. How does an architect design a space for conversation, but to any other person this space would not appear to be a gathering place, such as a living room or conference room. To say this is a hard thing to understand as a visual space that isn’t a kitchen or garage. But perhaps it is? The point is that this idea of community space becomes a town square within an internal space. With this I hope that will create a discussion about space that will become a topic in every project. After all people need a place to take a break.

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