Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Break

By Nick Bosman

Spring break is arriving and I could not be happier about it. This means that I get a week that I do not have to go in to Quigley, but instead I will do my work wherever I happen to be. I am heading to Florida right after studio on Friday at 5 PM.
            While in Florida, I will be going to a spring training game for the Boston Red Sox at JetBlue Field. The field was designed by populous, the same firm that designed Target Field and Marlins Park. I have never been to a spring training game before and I cannot wait. The best part of going to any baseball stadium at this point in the program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is that going to professional baseball games like this is basically considered research. That is right, enjoying a baseball game, something that I have enjoyed my entire life, is now helping me with my thesis project. I hope to find out a little more about the stadium while I am there.
            Hopefully, while I will be down in Florida, I will get to visit Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. When I visited last time, I was able to get into Marlins Park and get a mini tour of the stadium by an employee. I am hoping I will get lucky again and be able to do the same thing at this stadium. Now, it is not a sure thing that I could get in, but I will try regardless.
            Other than enjoying a baseball game, I will be continuing work on my thesis, of course. I am going with the concept of creating the stadium with a visual and physical connection to the underground city in Montreal. The sketches I have done are quite organic in shape, which is a challenge in Revit. I want to make the stadium look as if it is emerging from the underground city. Along with that, I also want to give the stadium “movement”. By “movement”, I mean it will not actually move, but I want to give the illusion that is once emerged from the ground. I would like to use materials on the skin of the structure to match the sidewalk or road and create an illusion of the ground taking the form of the stadium. In words, it is tough to explain, but the image will fill in the gaps.
            With this design, I move forward and will hopefully come to a very cool and functional conclusion.

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