Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chai Jing's smog documentary 'Under the Dome'

By Li Haoyang

Only in China would a documentary on air pollution garner more than 100 million views in less than 48 hours. Renowned investigative journalist Chai Jing has been widely praised for using her own money - more than 1 million RMB ($159,000) - to fund the film, called Under the Dome. –BBC news
Chai Jing was a well-known journalist who worked in CCTV. She resigns before she gives birth to her daughter. She could not stand the situation that she is not dare to bring her daughter outside because of the heavy smog.
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Chai weaves storytelling and statistics with a keynote speech that she delivered this January in a Beijing film studio to create Under the Dome, which debuted on the People's Daily website and has received praise from the highest-reaching levels of the Chinese government.
She has used mass data of almost every area could produce the pollution with year to do the research.
From the basic describe of PM2.5 and smog, she also talk about the state's lax environmental laws that illegal pollutants coming from a coal-burning steel producer in central Hebei province.
“Months later, she discovers the steel maker had yet to pay any fines. When she asks a provincial official why the coal-burning factories cannot be shut down, the answer is astonishingly blunt.”
Chai Jing's documentary was released just couple of days before China's annual parliamentary session begins. It is a sign that maybe the government will try fix the problem with deal with the factory that could not possible 5 or 10 years age.
Text Box: Figure 3“But in China, passing a law is one thing. Enforcing it is another.”
She’s work is not deeply research of science, and she could have a certain way to fix it. However, it does not matter. She uses her personal research to let people know how dangerous the dust is. And appeal public to supervise the public environment protection system.
Beside the pollution aspect, her presentation is also perfect. The presentation is organized very logical and easy for non-professionals people to quick understand in 104 mins. We architect also need this ability to “make” our client happy.


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