Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lack of Sleep

By: Ethan Brammeier

It’s that time of the semester where all of us are getting little to no sleep and only staying awake by consuming large amounts of caffeine.  I don’t feel like I’ve procrastinated at all this semester but yet I’m still cramming to finish our group project.  I think other students can agree with me that no matter how much time you spend on your project there will always be something that you’re not happy with.  I have many parts of my project that I still want to change but time will not allow.  At this point the only thing I can do is throw together what I have and not worry about changing things. 
My last week has consisted of building models and only a little bit of digital work.  Our group is building a large scale model which I will share in a later blog.  My individual model took nearly two entire days to complete.  It actually took longer to make the laser cut template than it did to build the physical model.  Every semester I design a building with curved walls or roofs and always forget how difficult it will be to design the structure and build the model later on in the semester.   My thought is that in the future I will probably be designing mostly square buildings so I might as well design crazy ones while I’m in school.  Below is a picture of my model completely done.  The part further away isn’t designed but I still had to build it so the walkway could be shown.

I also decided to add lights into the model so it would be easier to distinguish the interior areas of the building from the exterior. Below is an image with the lights on inside of the model.

 Lastly I’m going to share my video animation that I will be showing during our group presentation Friday.  This is actually my final video animation so no more editing will be done to it.  To see the video click here.

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