Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weird Building in China-- Shenyang Fangyuan building

By Haoyang Li

Shenyang Fangyuan building is an architectural style of ancient coins used as office space , the building area of ​​48,000 square meters, building height of 99.75 meters , a total of 24 storeys. Has been selected by CNN in January 2012 named the world's top ten ugliest buildi  Shenyang Fangyuan building is located in Shenyang CBD, design by Taiwan Li Zuyuan Architects (CY Lee & Partners), gross area is 5,580 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​48,000 square meters, building height of 99.75 meters, a total of 24 floors, 22 storeys above ground and 2 underground. Wall structure is reinforced concrete frame. Outdoor decoration with natural granite, using low-E tempered LOW-E insulating glass. It is a mix-used includes international finance, trade, business and office.

House’s facade is mimicking the ancient China coin ‘s shape, Indicates that building owners plenty of money settled, career developed.
            This is not the first building that mimics the real things. There are also have two interesting buildings show the “imagination” of Architect. One is Wuliangye Building, other one is Daohuaxiang Building.
            Building mimicking the real stuff means it fit people’ (or owner’s) value. Bottle of liquor is ok, it show what they company do. But the coin is complex.
            Be rich is a good stuff to greeting others. It is already become a culture in contemporary China. Follow the “culture” it is not hard to figure out why this building come out. Everyone likes money, and everybody looking for the money. It is because of the poor in past 30 years. From 10 ago some people get rich, who got money that can get the power. That give shows to normal people money is important. It is obviously what going on then, everyone try his or her best to get money. And Fangyuan Building comes out.



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