Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Emperor Hotel in Beijing

By Haoyang Li

The Hotel is located in the eastern suburbs of Beijing , 30 minutes ' drive from Tiananmen Square , the hotel's surface are the three statues of old idol of China. Which idols means happiness, prosperity and longevity. The building is 41.6 meters high. 

The hotel is totally Ten storey high, all structure and rooms are hidden in the  " body ". Double glass doors on the left foot position is the main entrance of the hotel. There is single aisle and one side rooms in the "body". The standard rooms is smaller than other hotel's but have all the facilities. Standard room is under eight storey and the ninth floor is Presidential suite. The peach in the hand of statues is also a room. 
When this hotel come out, it become the most ugly building in the whole China. 
The idea of this building is come from the developer.  One of the management says they found the idea from the poster to celebrate the spring festival. They think these three idols will bring them good fortune and great business. 
Some farmers from the interview says the building is good. They believe the idols will really bring the fortune. But almost all the rest people believe it is ugly. 
All the design is base on the surface of the idols. So some rooms are really strange from the inside to fit some curve part of exterior space. It can be say the building is nothing good beside the ugly surface. 

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