Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recap of Studio Final Presentation

By Sean Williamson

With things finally slowing down, I thought I would take time in this blog to write about my final studio project presentation.  My group (Brittney Mount & Stephen Tutka) presented on Friday, December 5th at 2pm in the gallery at Quigley.

Overall, our group presentation went very well. We explained our overall scheme and ideas effectively. Various jury members were in attendance critiquing our work. My individual presentation also went very well. Professor Turnipseed and other guests seemed to be very impressed with my project. Numerous comments were made that I had laid out the structural grid system very logically. They also commented on how the extrusions within the fa├žade were very attractive. Various comments were also made on the various renderings. If you were wondering, I used Lumion as the rendering service. I made a point during my presentation to state how the Olympic Ring Interactive Water Fountain is the biggest of its kind in the world! This got quite a laugh out of everyone.

Attached is a pdf of my individual board. On the bottom right you will see the final site plan surrounding my building. If you travel all the way to the left of my board you will encounter the first floor plan with surround site for context. The fifth floor plan is the next displayed to the right, with the 6th, 9th, and 14th floor plans to the right of those.   In the top left of my board you will find a brief explanation of my project which reads:

             2016 Olympic Legacy Project | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
            This mixed-use design consists of commercial retail space on the ground level with a             parking garage located on lev­els 2-4. Above the parking garage lies 1,2,& 3 bedroom res­            idential apartments. The building form serves two purposes; 1) Allows for the       majority of apartments to have Southern facing balconies, 2) Extrusions within           facade increase win­dow surface area for each unit. Accompanying the mixed-use      design is a central plaza developed for the public that incorporates the world’s   largest Olympic ring interactive water fountain.  

Elevations, building section, and wall section is the last information displayed on the board.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

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