Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Skate Break: The Break

By Ryan Northcutt

By now we have all started break… which is well needed. After assessing my work and deciding what I need to do in order to finish up my project to make it portfolio worthy, I look back and realize how much work was actually done. While it may not seem like a lot when it is up on the boards, the progress made from start to finish is something to be proud of. It is work we have done over the past 4 years of undergrad all piled into one semester. Everything from the large picture, to the small details of construction become a reality, to an extent, and shows its worth to who we can become as architects. I am personally proud of my work and I look forward to taking my critiques and finishing up the project to make it presentable.
            But after all it is time to sleep, rest, relax, or however you want to say it. For those of us continuing our education at SIU, we have been working since 2nd semester of our senior year. It is not easy to go three straight semesters and think and work as hard as we do. It goes without saying that we are mentally exhausted. But I wouldn’t say that it is a bad thing. I enjoy the constant work; otherwise it takes only a few days for me to get bored. This constant work is exhausting, but its keeps us as architecture students, designers, thinkers, any other name… its keeps us going. It’s just who we are. But in the meantime, we must take our month break and get rested up to work on our thesis project.
            In this meantime, what do we do? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I keep designing. I stay creative and do things to keep me sharp and fresh. After all its important in this profession. As I have probably mentioned before, I design and hand craft vintage style skateboards. I have taken this hobby of mine and created a small business. So in my free time now I am taking on other design works. This moment I am designing a logo for my company brand. Branding is important, and in many ways its no different than architecture. Its about an icon, which many architects try and put a touch of style into their own work to make a statement about who they are.
            If there is one thing I really hate, it is the separation that exists between design professions. I understand that I am an architecture student and I should be focusing only on that, but that isn’t what a real designer does. Look at all the architects who design furniture and dishware, and so many other things. You cant divide people like that or else they become lost and dull. Their ideas fade and they lose themselves as a designer. That is primarily why I try and talk about an even amount of architecture, as well as other design aspects that I am involved with in my life. They fuel me and keep me sharp.

            I hope everyone has a great break and does plenty of sleeping and relaxing. But remember to stay sharp and get creative!

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