Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Skate Break: Who Knows

By Ryan Northcutt

            As we all entered hell week, we dreaded the massive amount of work that actually had to be done. Unforutnally there is no brain power between any of us as we us every last drop of thought on finishing the project for the semester. So much of the response from any of us sounds like a zombie or uh I don’t know. It’s an interesting time in our lives but the most important thing is to keep your head up, otherwise your probably face down in a keyboard sawing logs like there is no tomorrow, but tomorrow comes quicker because the second you wake up there is a mental breakdown and realization that there is no hope for this dreadful project.
            On a positive note, I am confident about my project and I believe that it will turn out well… as long as I spend the next 30 hours awake and working hard. A couple weeks back I found some rules by an artist named John Cage. These rules are very inspiring and motivation as they are for designers. Posted in front of me at all times, I am always inspired to stay positive and keep looking towards the bright side as we get near this almost near death experience we call architecture. I will post a picture of these rules because they are important and the do work.

I title every blog post skate break for a reason. As we spend long hours finishing this project, it is also important to take breaks periodically for many reasons; our sanity is probably the most vital. It’s a healthy habit. And speaking of habits.  Save your work… Learn Time Management… and Keep moving forward. Its hard enough to comprehend what we do in our heads. The worst part of all of that is the fact that we don’t give ourselves enough time and when we don’t, bad things happen. We lose work as our computer hits the bricks and we almost blow our brains out as it happens in blue before our eyes. The healthy habit of working diligently and logically is important to us and it gives us time to take a break every so often. So when you see your bug eyed desk mate, tell him to keep calm, take a break and think logically. There is nothing worse than spending more time panicing than actually getting good work done. The biggest issue is that I am way to focused on this blog than I am with my project. So time to get back to work!

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