Saturday, December 20, 2014


By Nick Bosman

Finally, the final presentations are over and everything is turned in and graded. Although I would like to get other things done, I have a lot less pressure on them. Now I get to take a bit of a break although I do have things to do, like my resume or thesis preparation. I plan to take a trip after Christmas to Florida and I hope to get a tour of the Marlin’s Park in Miami. That happens to be my number one case study for my thesis project, which is a baseball stadium for Montreal. Hopefully I can talk them into giving me a peak at the parts of the stadium that guests do not normally get to visit.
            It’s getting closer and closer to the point where my career starts and the academic part ends. Well, I will always be learning, but I will have a degree. I have been online looking at openings all over just to get an idea of what is looking for what. Who knows, maybe while I am in Florida, I can ask around and see if they will be needing some fresh new graduates in any offices. I haven’t given much thought as to where I want to end up. I mean, I have thought of all of the possibilities but I really haven’t decided where I WANT to end up.
            Now that I am done with two semesters, the realizations that I have but two semesters left of my time at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am ok with it, but I will miss the college life but I am glad to get away from it and start fresh somewhere.
            I am excited to start making my thesis the main part of my schooling. I thought that when I started Graduate school I would be working on my thesis but that was not the case. But now, next semester, my thesis will start getting developed more and more. I think it will be a lot more fun than the hotel project. I mean, it is a stadium. How cool is that? Once I get a better understanding of what goes into the design of one, I will feel better about my ability to make it stand above the rest.
            Until then, however, I have a book on stadium design that I intend on reading to get that better understanding. It will be a nice thing to do while I am in the Sunshine State.

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