Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Some-What Brief History of Myself

By: Nicholas S. Ouellette

Good morning, or afternoon I guess if you are reading this after you have your daily lunch in the break room of your office building or your living room or even on that random park bench you stumbled upon in a flowering patch of grass outside campus. How are you on this fine day? I hope the weather is nice where you are, it’s a lovely evening here in Carbondale Illinois, or at least it looks like it from the window of my architecture studio. Wait...what if you’re reading this after you sit down for a lovely dinner with your significant other or after the sun has set where you live? I guess I would have to say “Good evening” instead of good morning or afternoon to you. Wow, this is embarrassing, I’m already messing up my words and proper greeting and it’s only the first entry to this website! Let’s move on shall we? I guess I can start from the beginning. But how far back should I go? From the point where I just learned to walk and talk? No that’s probably too far, you probably don’t want a full history lesson of my life. What if I start from high school? Yes, high school seems like a good place to start, but there are four years of it! I’m adding a whole new sub-level of history to the existing history and I haven’t even decided if high school is the right place to start! There are so many choices! I don’t even know where to start.
My name I guess would be a good place, it’s a pretty solid name I think. Or at least my parents thought it was when they named me, Nicholas Steven Ouellette is my name and it is a pleasure to meet you sir and/or madam that has taken the time out of your busy day to read this little article that I have published.
Now that the introductions have been fulfilled and set aside we can get into the important bits of this article. What were they again? Oh yes, my personal history starting with high school. Actually, now that I think about high school was kind of a boring part of my life to be honest. Not really much happened during those four years, the only year that had any significance was senior year I suppose. I starred in a movie, had my first real relationship and realized my passion for architecture but my guess is that you don’t care about any of that boring stuff. Wait? You do? Well hell, I guess I will have to dig into the past and pull out some of the details, sit you down and tell you a story or two about them. Before we begin, are you sitting down? If you aren’t I would suggest you do so that this could be a proper story time and your legs may get tired from standing and reading this article for an extended period of time. Holy cow! I just realized that I don’t even have a chair to sit in! Just give me five minutes, I’ll go find a chair while you find one for yourself and then we can get into story time! I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere. If you get back before I do just imagine in your head that point in the movie where someone switches to a screen and it says “5 Minutes Later” and BOOM! I’ll be back before you know it.
[25 minutes later]
I’m back! Sorry it took so long, the line for bean bag chairs at Walmart was ridiculous! Wait, hello? Oh no, I scared you off already. Well this is unfortunate. Now who will I tell my story to? 

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