Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Early experience inArchitecture

By: Chhanya Nidal 

Since this is my first article in this blog, I want to share my personal experience in architecture.  A big ‘Hi’ to everyone. I am Chhanya Nidal and I came from Nepal. I did my undergrad in Architecture from Pulchowk engineering campus, Kathmandu. Unlike here, we have five years in architecture in undergrad and when I see back, I feel these five years were the ever lengthy time that I spent in architecture. Surprisingly, before I joined B.Arch., I did my three years diploma in Architecture after schooling. I had spent eight years in school of architecture and I feel sometime that architecture is written in the rays of my palm.
I feel like, a day I might have asked Almighty for one thing and he blindly bestowed me “child I give you architecture forever.” May be I have a divine relation with architecture. Studying architecture has left me with a lot of experience and lessons at various phases. Sometime I was lost in architecture and some time I felt if I would escape from that forever.
Architecture let me feel obsessed, depressed, jealous, and selfish but ultimately happiness. I feel I am obsessed with architecture since I started it with my sweet sixteen. Architecture made me feel depressed when I feel I would not meet the deadline and I would quit. I have felt like a scavenger whenever I used to collect even the junk materials from the trash so that it might be used some day. Architecture made me selfish when I did not go home to see my parents during vacation for I had a lot of works to do. Architecture provided me with a name the ‘queen of night’ who would stay the whole  night working on projects. The given assignments would preoccupy me badly that I could not take a sound sleep. Architecture made me envier, I jealous with my other friends who would enjoy the weekends going to movies and shopping. Architecture made me happier whenever I come up with something innovative and was appreciated by teachers and colleagues. Architecture makes me proud when I find myself in the country which I used to dream of. For me, architecture has various meanings. It had been painful sometime and pleasant rest of the time. It taught me to be strong, determined, hard worker and it added me one skill to work under time and pressure.
I have experienced how life is in architecture in my country.  I have move on to a very new place and I will be sharing my first experience at SIUC in my next article. Since I already spent summer 14’ in Architecture at SIUC, these experiences are going to be the memorable experience for me. Everything here is very different from ours. Now it has turned me to new place where I will be exploring and experiencing architecture in a new way.

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