Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Skate Break: Introduction

By: Ryan Northcutt

What is it that you love to do? All of us as writers to this blog could say architecture. After all that is why we chose to come this far with studying architecture and all of its glory. I will also make the assumption that many people who read this blog are interested in architecture in some way. But, let’s all think about that posed question. Sure we love architecture, but let’s be honest, I would hope that most people weren’t 6 years old working on wall sections and toilet details instead of playing outside with neighborhood friends. So think deep and reach into your inner child, what is it you love to really do? I am not here to judge any ones passion, I am actually interested, and I hope it is better understood I asked that question and as I explain my answer in a long drawn out explanation that will last a couple months.
            For now, let us take a break from architecture. Let’s explore something new, but in the process still being looking at things from a designer’s point of view. I will call this break from the depths of studio a Skate Break. I call it a skate break because skateboarding is the one thing I absolutely love. Legendary skateboarder Jay Adams once said, “You don’t quit skating because you get old… You get old because you quit skating.” I believe in this quote and the meaning behind it. The best part is that it doesn’t just apply to skateboarding; you could fill in skating with almost anything. I believe that you should always do what you love, no matter how long ago it was or how young you were when you did it, we all need a break to replenish those create minds that we use primarily for architectural thoughts.
            Now frequently I take skate breaks to go out, skateboard, and just get creative in a different way. I have no specific goal in mind each time, but just to have fun and try something new that I have never done, or something that I have never seen done before. To jump to the point of this writing, I am going to be blogging many different things, all related to skateboarding, creativity, and design. This is an architecture blog, but we all need a break sometimes. Plus later on I will be display some of my skateboard work, some from the past and some that are in the works and will be finished soon. So this blog displays my life outside of architecture school. I will try hard to stay within the lines, but for anyone explaining something with passion, it gets difficult. So enjoy and take a break every once in a while to do what you love.​

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