Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wait. I can design a casino?!

By: Brittney Mount

The main reason I chose to attend SIUC’s architecture graduate program was to have the opportunity to do a design thesis of my choosing. However when it came down to actually choosing, I quickly realized how difficult it was to choose a single topic for nine whole months. How is it that when the opportunities are endless we struggle to even come up with one topic to cover? The only advice I have received about surviving a graduate thesis is to choose something you love. But what do I love? Oh I know, gambling. A casino! Within minutes I realized it might be slightly difficult to convince my professors that designing a casino could actually be a design thesis. A few minutes later it struck me, casinos are designed to manipulate the gamblers, as an avid gambler I am aware of a few of the tactics that are typically used in all casinos. To name a few: the absence of windows (to cause the gambler to lose their sense of time and also due to the glare on the playing cards), very cold room temperature (to keep the gambler awake and avoid heat discomfort), and extreme noises (also to keep the gambler awake and to give off the sense that other gamblers are winning a whole bunch). I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to look into the behind the scenes of my home away from home, well second home away from home. I suppose good old Quigley would come in first, I mean I have been here for 24 hours straight at this very moment. Anyways. I will be looking into the design tactics stated previously and hope to create some design alternatives that will make for a more sustainable and comfortable casino, while still maintaining those nasty, but sometimes great outcomes from playing a few too many hands of blackjack.
Oh. And I’ll also be placing the hotel casino on a vacant, money pit lot in Chicago. That part’s not nearly as flashy, but I suppose still important. I’ll be researching how to develop a vacant inner city lot in a way that will revitalize the surrounding community with the emphasis on the addition of the casino, along with park space and residential developments.

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