Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tut’s Advice I | “I architecture.”

By Stephen Tutka

We all know architecture is about time management. For instance, this blog was a little tardy. Life catches up to people pretty quick and it likes to stack like Rubbermaid containers, just one thing inside of the next. This doesn’t change in the classroom or in an office.
Architecture is always moving forward. Architecture is, in itself, a process and it is always building upon itself. As I have gone through architecture school I have learned more and more about what exactly an architect does… and truthfully, the only way I can describe it is that they architecture. Architecture is full of all kinds of different fields and there are so many jobs that make up a firm and so many more that apply to the field of architecture. You experience architecture every day of your life whether you think you do or not. Everything from structure, materials, context, scale, program, site, presentation, representation, sensation, and composition can have an impact on a design decision.
Your education is architecture too, starting with a foundation and working toward a complete understanding of everything you have learned. When I look back at my undergrad I have a better understanding of what I learned from my projects than I did when I was doing them. Every opportunity was a learning opportunity. Everything has built up to preparing me for where I am now and where I am headed. And when people ask me what I go to school for or what I do I look at them and I say, “I architecture.”

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