Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Centennial Olympic Park

By:Sean Williamson

Within the past week, the MARCH students traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to acquire information on the legacy project left from the 1996 Olympics that were held there. The class was broken up into groups, and each group was responsible for presenting part of the trip for the classmates that stayed back in Carbondale and worked on the model. Michael Young and I were responsible for presenting Centennial Olympic Park within downtown Atlanta.

Upon arrival, the first thing that caught my eye was an interactive water fountain (see figure 1). This fountain was a big hit with the younger kids. It fountain was surrounded by seating for the parents. It was a very well designed area.

Another interesting design element within the park is located underneath your feet. The bricks used to pave the park around the fountain were sold and the winners of each brick were able to custom engrave each brick (see figure 2). The money raised from selling these bricks went towards the construction costs of the park.

Located a short distance away is a massive open field (see figure 3). This area was being utilized in all sorts of ways. There was a father and son playing ball (see figure 4), people taking a nap, families walking their dog, etc... It was a very beautiful area that could be used for many purposed.

Towards the edge of the park lies multiple ‘streams’ that were designed to seem to be natural (see figure 5). This area was very shaded and also well utilized by the public. It was a hot day out in Atlanta, but in the shade near the ‘streams’ it felt very comfortable.

For those of you sports fans out there, College Gameday was at the park for the Alabama vs. West Virginia football game. After touring the park, we were actually able to get tickets to the game (see figure 6)! It was my first time going to see a huge college football team play.


Bricks representing donors


Father playing with his son

Football Game

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