Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Atlanta Adventures

By Meghan Shanahan

Welcome back, we are now in week five of graduate school and starting to get into the master planning part of our studio. I will talk about what is going on in studio in my next blog. I also want to thank my three newest followers my Aunt Betty, Aunt Kate and my grandma! Hope you are enjoying my blog!
            As I promised before I wanted to tell you about my trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Week two of school my studio went on a trip to Atlanta to look at their Olympic Legacy project, which is similar to what we will be designing for out Brazil legacy project. But while we were in Atlanta we saw much more then this, we also went and visited two big architectural firms, TVS, and Perkins & Will. The firm visits were amazing and we learned about the ongoing projects at the firm. We even learned about the new and upcoming Beltline. The Beltline is a 22-mile loop around the city that makes is possible for pedestrians to move around the outskirts of the city, walking, biking, rollerblading, and more. The beltline really is a magnificent way to help the city of Atlanta become more eco friendly. Across the street from Perkins & Will firm was the High Museum of Art.
The High Museum is all white building that is stands out making you wonder what is going on it. The High museum is made up of three buildings the first by Richard Meier[1], this building is paneled with white square enamel paneling. Where as the other two buildings were by Renzo Piano[2], these were covered with a white rectangular aluminum paneling that gave the building a vertical feel, where as the Meier building was more cubic feel. The Meier building also had a grand gathering space[3] with a glass ceiling that brought light from the roof to the ground level, and also let light in to that gallery spaces.

[1] Image of Richard Meier High Museum. (Image_1)

[2] Image of Renzo Piano High Museum. (Image_2)

[3] Image of Richard Meier Gathering space ceiling. (Image_3)
The Piano building has beautiful ceiling[1], when you look at the roof you see white scopes, these scopes were individually placed to catch the best north light. Overall the entire High Museum was beautiful full or art and architectural beauty.One of my other favorite things that we visited in Atlanta was the Centennial Olympic Park.[2] This gorgeous park had many interesting features, such as different monuments honoring the people who helped create, were in, or just were important people in helping the Olympics to Atlanta. We visited the park on a busy day, there was a college football game taking place later that day. It was very nice seeing the park being used to it’s fullest extent, people playing football in the fields, families having picnics, children playing in the playground, but my favorite was the Olympic ring fountain[3], which on a hot day is perfect for cooling off. I would love to be able to go back and enjoy this park longer.

Overall the trip was amazing, we had a lot of fun. Enjoyed great Brazilian food from Fogo de Chao. We got a back of the house tour in the amazing Atlanta Marriott Marquis by John Portman[4]. I defiantly felt as though the downtown Atlanta Area was more for convention goes, but I would love to explore it again. 

Remember Blogs are every two weeks, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. -Meg

Image of the Renzo Piano High Museum ceiling. (Image_4)
[1] Image of sign to Centennial Olympic Park (Image_5)
 Image of Olympic Ring Fountain (Image_6)
Image of the interior of John Portman’s Marriott Marquis (Image_7)

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