Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ARC 551 Design Studio| Field Trip Part Two

By Robert Musial

Back from the break…
On Friday, August 29th we had a firm tour at TVS Design.  TVS Design does a lot of work in the hospitality, convention centers, cultural arts, and commercial and corporate office market. To continue they had presented us with their latest work. One of the project that was unique, was a house for the prince and extended family. The house was actually a 35 story building with three penthouse. They have said that they treated the program space as a hotel while still trying to making that comfortable home feeling. Another interesting project that they were currently working in the office was the new Atlanta Stadium. The retractable roof of the new stadium was one of a kind. The retractable roof closed like a camera lens, when the lens closes while taking a photo. Lastly, the Atlanta office actually own a couple maker bots, 3D printers. It was remarkable to actually see an office that is starting to use 3D printer directly in the office rather than having them 3D models out sourced.
Next, we have head over to SouthFace. SouthFace is a building that promotes sustainability to the general public. The building has a commercial aspect and residential aspect. Each aspect of the building indefinites the sustainable products used in the building. On the commercial roof they had a green roof with a PV array canopy that was donated from a BP gas station. I have included a picture of the green roof along with the Atlanta city sky line. The SouthFace reminders me very much of the Chicago Center for Green Technology which also promotes sustainability to the general public.
On Saturday, August 30th, we have headed to Centennial Olympic Park. The Centennial Olympic Park is a public parked located in downtown Atlanta. The downtown park was created because of the 1996 Summer Olympics Games. Before the Olympic Games the park was a rundown warehouse district. Throughout the park there are brick pavers that have the name of all people that donated to the 1996 Summer Olympics Games. I believe they have made a great buffer zone from the city to actual park. The buffer zones consisted of organized trees, bushes, and water features. I have include a picture of Centennial Olympic Park with the Atlanta Skyline in the background.
While being at park we have noticed that there was a lot of people wear Alabama and West Virginia jerseys. We found out later that day that Alabama was playing West Virginia at the Georgia Dome. We were able to scout tickets for pretty cheap and ended up going to the game. The game ended with Alabama winning 33-23 and there was over 70,000 people attending the game. I have also included pictures from the game.
Sunday, August 31st was our last day in Atlanta. That morning we had went on a class walking tour leaded by Professor Gonzalez and McDonald. On the walking tour we have learned how Atlanta became a city, the convention city.  We spoke on how the hotels and parking garages work and didn’t work for the city. We had also explored different squares and buildings. I have also include a picture from the tour as well. Lastly we have arrival to Carbondale safely with no car trouble this time around. 

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