Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The End of a Beginning

By Anthony Michael

Hey guys I am sure that you have been anxious to hear from me since the last time that I have posted on here.  These last few weeks have been a blur.  School has really started to pick up between all the different classes, projects, and work there has hardly been any amount of time to think.
            I guess I will start by letting you know what is going on in my studio class.  During these first few weeks we have been doing research on Rio da Janeiro.  During the course of the semester I will be working on a master plan for the post Olympic Games.  The problems that I am trying to answer are combining residential living spaces within a touristy area, and commercial areas that can serve both the public and the residents of the site. This has proven to be a challenge so far and I assume that it will continue to be as the culture and area are completely different from anything that I have ever experienced thus far. 
            In my favorite class Systems and Environments we are learning how to apply building codes to the actual structures that I am going to be designing.  Problems that are presented to me are parking amounts per building user, how tall can the building be built according to how big the site is and what kind of building typology it is.  Learning how to translate and decipher these types of codes and applying them to a conceptual and eventually a final design is what I believe the biggest take away from this class will be.
            The other major class I am enrolled in is called Research Methods.  This class is educating us on how to start researching our thesis topic as well as how to begin writing and describing the problem that we are trying to solve throughout the next year. 
            I hope to keep you posted as to what is going on throughout the year.  I will try and fill you in on things other than school.  Well that is if I ever make it out of studio.  I hope you have fun reading what not just me but all my classmates as well are up to throughout the year.
            Thanks for tuning in.  

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