Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ten Building Build in 24 Hours

By Haoyang Li
Ten 3D printing building have been built in Qingpu, Shanghai in August 21. Used as a local relocation project office space. These "print out" wall is special "ink" made ​​with construction waste. In accordance with the design drawings and computer programs by a large 3D printers. It just takes 24 hours to print out all 10 houses.
The house is not big, only two storey high. But special things there are not a piece of brick in the building, the wall showing structure by stacking layers of material made ​​of cement, each layer is about 2 cm high.

The printer is 6.6 meters high, 10 meters wide, 32 meters long. The bottom surface area is as much as a basketball court. And the printer can also extend the length, fully opened enough to have 150 meters long.
Introduction of the Inventor, the "Ink" is a specially treated glass fiber reinforced concrete material, its strength and useful life is much higher than reinforced concrete. Hollow wall not only greatly reduce the weight of the building itself, but also free to fill insulation materials. The "Ink "will soon solidified after extrusion, ensure the printer can print continuously.
After the house have been built. Installing windows and doors, lined up all kinds of wire and pipe. Follow by the floorings and furniture from the 3D, the owners can move in in a month. In addition, the use of 3D printing technology, building is very environmentally friendly, and also cost 50% cheaper.
There is a video have a view of these buildings:

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