Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let the adventures begin.

By: Meghan Shanahan

We have officially started the third week of graduate school. I still cannot believe that we are in our second semester of graduate school; it truly has been flying by. It has been a change for me though; I am still adjusting to the small town living.  I got my undergraduate degree from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). It has been so different compared to Chicago. It is weird not being able to jump on the “L” train to get to anywhere in the city. Also being so close to home, though I did not live that at home during my undergrad, it was always a quick train ride away. It used to take me around 45 minutes to get from school to home using public transformation.  Now it is at least five and a half hours to get from Carbondale to my home in Chicago.  Though I miss my friends and family in Chicago, I have been really enjoying my time in Carbondale.
My friends have been showing me all the new and interesting things that college kids to in Carbondale. They took me to 17th Street Barbeque, which was so delicious, and to “Beer n’ Chicken” on Wednesday nights out in the middle of I don’t know where for chicken, beer and a good time.  I have also been to Winston’s, who knew a grilled bagel could taste so good! But I have also have heard about some upcoming evens such as Murphysboro’s Apple fest. But I think what I am the most excited for is football season! UIC did not have a football team, and they did not have much school spirit either, so I am so excited to get the full college football experience and go tailgating and watch the SIU salukis win!
So far with my Architecture classes we have started thinking of what we would like to work on for our thesis, I have been looking into a pediatric urgent care center with LEED certification. But it is all still in the works, I will tell you more as I work through it. In Studio we found out that we will be working on an Olympics legacy project for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. We are still learning more about Rio de Janiero, but in the second week we took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see how Atlanta handled there Olympics legacy project.
In the next blog I will tell you all about the trip to Atlanta and about what has been going on in my other classes and more about what new things I have done in Carbondale. Hope you enjoy. Thanks -Meg

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