Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Campus Lake

By Michael Young

 I decided to do a small study here at SIU on Campus Lake and how it is utilized. While conducting my research I first began gathering information about Campus Lake through students and facility. I quickly came to the conclusion that the recreation pier at Campus Lake was not a very popular area amongst other students. A common answer I got was, “There is a pier or boat dock at Campus Lake?” This next stat was very shocking to me, I began to look back at my at the results and answers, and found out not even 15 of the 50 people I asked even knew there was a recreation pier located out there.
The most appealing features I found that were used by students the most were the pavilion and fishing pier. The few people, who utilized Campus Lake, explained they would go out there to eat lunch, do homework at the pavilion, or just enjoy the nice Carbondale weather.  Others told me they enjoy fishing out there because there’s a pier, which allows them to reach, further into the middle of the lake. Another common answer I received was people would utilize the kayak or canoe rentals on Campus Lake if the water was not filled with so much bacteria. One of the most used features out at Campus Lake is the walking trail the surrounds the lake. Many students and teachers use the trail to get exercise and fresh air.
Many of the people that I have interviewed said somewhat of the same thing; the place is pretty run down. Other comments I got were that many people just don’t think about it or just forget its there. Some improvements at the pier and pavilion could add different activities, such as the renting of small jet boats or something smaller than a jet ski to create an attraction for all ages and genders. The first step to cleaning up Campus Lake is finding a way to purify the water. If I were to design the spaces out there I would propose a face-lift to the existing pavilion. By rehabbing the pavilion and creating more activities or events out at the lake will create awareness around campus. Creating something that looks appealing to students may create a buzz around the school and would make students want to come out there and check it out. I think by adding different visual elements and activities could create a very popular attraction for students and facility.

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