Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A little Bit about the Blogger

By Robert Musial

This blog is about me and my personal interest. To start off my name is Robert Piotr Musial. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in the North West suburbs of Chicago in a town called Addison. I have three siblings, one older sister Aneta (7 years older), one older brother Adam (1 year older), and one younger brother Piotr (1 year younger).  My siblings and I are first generation Americans. My parents came to the United Stated of American in the 1980’s from Wroclaw, Poland.  With this being said, my parents kept a very strong Polish lifestyle in my life from speaking Polish at home, going to Polish school, eating Polish food and other Polish tradition. To continue, a couple of my interests outside of architecture is computer technology, soccer, and snowboarding. I would call myself a tech savvy guy, I have built my own computer when I was a junior year in high school. Building a computer is really not that difficult it’s just knowing what parts are compatible with your motherboard. Since building that computer I have taught / help built several computers for my friends. In future blog I will do review/ tutorial on certain products and programs. Next, I have been playing soccer my whole life. I have played in many tournaments throughout the mid-west. I have played intramural soccer every year at SIU. My team has been the intramural soccer champion for year three and counting.  I will keeping updating on intramural soccer and let you know if we can win four years in a row. Another interest of mine is snowboarding. I started to snowboard in middle school. I learned how to snowboard in the Midwest at various ski resort like Cascade, Devils Head, and Chestnut. The first time I snowboard out West was in high school.  The difference between snowboarding Midwest and West is night and day, from fake snow to fresh powder snow, and from hills to mountains. I enjoy snowboarding because you able to clear your mind and create your paths by carving the snowboard into the fresh snow. There will be another blog about snowboarding during the winter season.  I hope you enjoy reading a little about the blogger and have some of the same interests as the blogger.  

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