Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thesis Project

By Ethan Brammeier

For my thesis I decided to design an assisted living facility.  The two main goals I want to accomplish in this thesis is to design a Gold LEED certified building and also focus on how bringing nature into the living environment improves the residents experience.  What I’ve notice thus far throughout my research is that many gathering spaces inside assisted living facilities are not as pleasing as they could be.  I feel that if these spaces were brightened up and brought more of the outside environment into them that the residents would enjoy the space much more.  The graphic below illustrates how the difference between the indoors and outdoors can change the mood of a resident.  Being stuck inside all day can be very boring, but if you bring the environment into the living space, it provides a more pleasing and enjoyable space to live.

Poster created by: Ethan B.

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