Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thesis project and poster design

By Chhanya Nidal

For my thesis, I am doing a spiritual center that is going to be designed in my country, Nepal. I would like to explain briefly about my thesis project and the poster that we have designed last week in ARC-500, Arch Res Method & Programming.
Being emotional and spiritual sometimes, I ask myself that we struggle each day and work hard but for what? We may come up with different opinion on what we ultimately wish for. However, what I feel is ultimately one needs is the happiness and the peace of mind. Depression, abuse, criminal behavior etc. are so conspicuous in our everyday life. Today, people have money, they have power, are succeeding in every field, but lacking is the peace of mind and the medium to achieve that.
Most people when suffering from physical pain, tension or depression, seek a place or a medium to pour down their depression and weariness. They go to various temples and religious places mostly to worship and in search of inner happiness. Ultimately, one finds that the holy happiness lies in their peace of mind. And the peace of mind lies in spirituality and meditation.
This research proposes to develop a center which will offer spiritual living, teachings and practices that has ability to transform personal lives and make life meaningful. I believe, Architecture can help people to get the peace of mind through creating a spiritual environment. Spirituality and peace can be found in music, art, poetry, nature and in many other areas of life. Spiritual environment can be created by using the key elements of architecture like structure, form, space, light, colors and materials.
This project concentrates in providing space to realize, rest, contemplate, and to celebrate. This center will provide spiritual refuge for tired minds as most of people are in present context.
In this poster, I have tried to show that everywhere there is chaos and tired mind which is in search of holy happiness. And through spiritual practice and meditation one gets the peace of mind which uplifts his life and makes life meaningful.

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