Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Energy Efficient Approach

By Sabin Chakradhar

This week I am posting the poster design that we created last week for an assignment for the subject Arc 500-001 Arch Res Methods and Programming. The task was to create the poster (size: 36”x24”) and the postcard (size: 6”x9”) consisting of an abstract art depicting the things that we learn from the research we did for the thesis and the thesis hypothesis. As my thesis topic is ‘An Energy Efficient approach for designing of the commercial complex’, (project site located at Kathmandu, Nepal) my goal was to create something that shows the current major issues of the Kathmandu city: Electricity and Water Scarcity and what can be the possible solutions for these issues. These issues are also one of the reasons that inspired me to go for this thesis topic.

The poster itself is self-explanatory and following the guideline, I have also put in a short description about my Thesis and the Thesis-hypothesis. Rule was: to stick to the given dimensions and boundary and use maroon color background with yellow text for title and white text for the content. I will be glad to have any comment or feedback.

Poster created by: Sabin C.

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