Thursday, October 16, 2014

BIONIC, the way to back to nature

By Haouyang Li

Bionic architecture is a movement for the design and construction of expressive buildings whose layout and lines borrow from natural (i.e. biological) forms. The movement began to mature in the early 21st century, and thus in early designs research was stressed over practicality. One of the tasks set themselves by the movement's early pioneers was the development of aesthetic and economic justifications for their approach to architecture. (Wiki)
Performance and application methods of bionics building have four aspects: Bionic urban environment, Use function Bionic, Architectural forms Bionic and Bionic organizational structure. Of course, often appear bionic applications integrated to form a kind of bionic whole city and architecture.
Bionic building will bring the nature to your life. If the building follow the nature by the space, just like honeycomb, will give the owner more space than other house. If care about the structure, will save some steel or make it more durable.
Back to city, the environment issues is almost harm to citizen’s life. The research of bionic architecture will decrease the pollution and let people know better about the nature. So I will continue to de research of it for my next one year and maybe my career life.

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