Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Externship #2

By Robert Musial

My last blog I wrote about my first externship. This week I am writing about my second externship which took place over my senior year spring break. The externship program was through the Southern Illinois University Alumni Associate. For this externship I wanted to do something different, I wanted to gain experience in the real estate development field. I have spoken to Professor Norm Lach about my interests in the real estate development field and he was able to contacted one of his former students, Zac Stover, which has started an investment and development firm out in San Diego.  For my second externship I was placed with InDev: Invest + Develop out in San Diego, California. One of my first task while working at InDev was the site analyze for a new development.  One of the thing I had to make was a five block radius map of the new development to show what building were in the surrounding area that would be effected. I also had to make a site visit and take pictures of current building surrounding the future development. The pictures were used to have a better understanding of the context around the development. Next, I was able to sit on a funding and investment meeting. This were I got dip my feet into the business side something that you never see in architecture school. I had learned how they were able to fund these kind of project. One of the last thing they had me do was design an eight unit complex for potential development. With the design of the building I have learned that a lot of the codes in San Diego govern how the building will look like.  With designing the complex I had ran into many problems but Zac was able to guide me through them. Before leaving San Diego Zac had taken me on a tour of all the building InDev had built in the area. On the tour he had explained the design of the project and the efforts it takes to build a development. I have include a picture of InDev (Left to Right: Clinton, Matt Mellos, Zac Stover, and Robert Musial) and a picture of Black Beach in San Diego.  I would like to end this post with something Matt Mellos said to me at the end of my first day of work, “ Robert, never show up in slacks and tie again.” You have to love that lay back California life style.

Image1: InDev Externship by Robbert Musial

Image 2: InDev Externship by Robbert Musial

Image 3: Black Beach San Diego by Robbert Musial

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