Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Iteration

By Stephen Tutka

As a sophomore in my undergraduate program it was hard to understand why my professors constantly wanted iterations of my work. It wasn’t until later in my education that I understood the value of what I used to think was just producing work that I would never use. The act of exploring a project and never knowing the permanence of a line on paper is extraordinary. The feeling of designing is like being in a constant decision making limbo. “What if I did this?” Draw it out and explore it. “What if I did that?” Draw it out and explore it. “How would this look?” Build a model. Do you think that works? Draw it, build it, and explore it. Does it actually work? Once you see it you can decide how that iteration impacts the project you are working on, it is a constant progression.

This happens in your work and it happens with everything you do. Once you are not afraid to explore and try new things then you get to see more possibilities and open your mind. Constantly make iterations and improve what you are doing. 

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