Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pediatric Urgent Care Proposal

By Meghan Shanahan

Welcome back! We just had fall break at SIU but I wish I could say I enjoyed it. I was not able to enjoy break because this week is midterm week in studio, so all of fall break when the rest of SIU were relaxing architecture graduate school was preparing! So Wednesday and Friday of this week are for presenting. My group presented this week; I am lucky to have a hard working and very collaborative group so we really had a good presentation. But I am also very glad to say its over and continue to design my residential buildings for the site. This week we also created a poster that helped explain what we are working on for our thesis. I am going to be working on a Pediatric Urgent Care Center in Chicago. The image attached explains that. It has defiantly been a long week and I cannot wait till Friday to get some well-deserved sleep! In Carbondale all the students are preparing because this weekend is Carbondale’s unofficial Halloween! The next two weekends here will defiantly be very interesting. But I have to say overall I have really been enjoying Carbondale. It puts me out of my comfort zone of Chicago and into a rural area where life is defiantly different. I also do have to admit I miss Chicago very much. It is weird not being able to just hope on the L train to go somewhere really fast. I also really miss my family but hopefully I will be able to go home soon and see them. Thanks for reading , see you in two weeks.


  1. It's great that you will be going to work on such an important project. I believe that out of all areas of medicine, pediatrics is one of the most underappreciated groups. There never seem to be enough urgent care or specialty care clinics around, particularly ones that deal with pediatrics. It seems to be the same with therapy services, too.

    Earnestine Doescher @ U.S. HealthWorks Modesto I