Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Garden Village in the Future

By Haouang Li

There will consist of 45 villas and a huge garden will be design in suburb area of Kunming, China.
Project use the technologies - automatic temperature regulation, synchronous with the sun path, wind power and smart energy networks. It will provide residents plenty of fresh air, green space and delicious food. The idea is based on ecologically responsible lifestyles and sustainable innovative ideas.
Villa will produce more energy than they consume, thanks to passive sustainable strategy that will maximize the hours of sun. Thick insulation and triple glazed windows will reduce the additional cooling and heating.
Villa has three types: Mobius villa, mountain villa and shells villa.
Mobius villa
Mobius villa has a great green roof, look like ribbons.  Interior space includes bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, library and games.

Mountain villa
Mountain Villa looks like a giant fan, this form is good to follow the path of the sun. Solar photovoltaic glass panels filled with algae to produce bio-hydrogen. While the second surface is a giant windshield made by laminated wood. 

Shells villa
There are six steel columns at bottom of shell villa to support the wind turbine on the top. At the top of building can overlook the orchard.

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