Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thesis [Poster & Project Description]

By Sean Williamson

This is the poster representing my thesis project I will be developing throughout my time here at SIU. The poster contains an abstract image of a hurricane with the city of Miami’s skyline.

I have many ideas for the actual building design itself. I decided to develop this building in an area surrounded by high-rise structures because that is the building type I would like to design. There is two building forms I am leaning towards.

The first form is a single tower design. This single tower would contain commercial retail along the 1st level, with a parking garage located from the 2nd through the 5th level. The footprint of the 1st-5th level would be larger than the footprint of the actual building, allowing for a community space on top of the parking garage for the residents of the tower to use.

The second building would be a two tower design. Again, with commercial located on the 1st level, with parking located on the 2nd through 5th floor. The building form would also contain a community space on top of the parking garage for residents of the two towers to use.

This community area mentioned within the two building forms provides an area for the residents of the tower[s] that they can call their own. This area would most likely contain a pool, along with a green area, and various other amenities for the residents to take advantage of.

Regardless of which building form I chose, the views from this structure will be breathtaking. Orientating views towards the views of the ocean will be a key concept in driving decisions, along with optimal and passive & solar design strategies.

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