Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What the Future Holds

By Drew Baldwin

As the semester progresses and we get more in depth with both our studio projects and thesis developments, I think we really start to figure out what we want to do, or at least try to do once we finish grad school. At this point, I don’t know if where I want to go in trying to find a job, and to be honest, it will probably come down to wherever I end up being able to get a job rather than me actually picking a city and searching there. Not to say that it is a bad thing, I am completely open to moving somewhere new, within reason. If I had to choose one or two places that I would prefer to go, I of course would choose Chicago, it’s a great city with lots of opportunities and it’s a city I personally really like and my other choice would be San Diego or somewhere around that area. I realize, for someone from the Midwest, San Diego may seem like a bit of a strange choice of location, but it is a great city in Southern California, one I enjoyed when I visited when I was younger as well as where I had contemplated going to grad school. As for now though, I am keeping an open mind as to where I end up.
As for what I would like to do/focus on, I know that personally, through developing my thesis proposal idea as well as the housing I have decided to design for my studio project, I have really started to take interest in both urban green space design as well as low-density residential design. Both can be designed as completely different entities, but they can also both be designed in coordination with each other to really create a nice living community. Along with these two things, I have also though about possibly getting into small scale urban installations as well. I think that it would be an interesting way to combine my architectural design and fabrication knowledge with my artistic side. 

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