Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Educational Reform

By Anthony Michael

As the semester is well under way one of the major projects that I am trying to get a grasp upon is my thesis project.  Over the course of my educational career I have come to realize how insufficient the educational system is for today’s students.  In several of the articles, journals and case studies that I have been reading, they mention that only about twenty percent of today’s students learn through auditory types of teaching.  What happens to the other eighty percent of those students?  They may be hands on learners, they may be visual learners, or they may learn through a combination of techniques.  Being able to adapt and design the learning curriculum and methods of teaching is what I believe causing the current generation of students to be prepared for the real world.   I am proposing a school design that incorporates new forms of technology to better convey information to students.  Along these same lines of thought I feel that creating spaces that allow students to interact with each other and among students in different classes in very social settings could help students develop the valuable critical thinking skills that are needed in today’s Corporate American Business World.  Creating these spaces allows the students to feel more comfortable about learning and might prompt them to ask more questions about the content so that they gain a far better understanding of the concepts and how they might apply those concepts in real life.  I feel as though a change in the school setting like this could encourage students to become more engaged in the learning process and better them for a life in the real world.

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